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My name is Yavor (means maple tree in Bulgarian). I was born in Pleven but my family moved to Turkey when I was a kid.
I am currently a Post-doc at the Chair of Entrepreneurial Risks (ER) at ETH Zurich. I defended my Phd thesis on earthquake forecasting at the department of earth sciences in ETHZ (video). I did my bachelor and masters degree in control and automation engineering at Istanbul Technical University. Previously I was doing a phd in the earthquake engineering department of Bosphorus University which I quit to enroll at ETHZ. You can check out my CV for further detailed information
I have a somewhat prioritarian view about what science and its implications should be. Combined with my pragmatic engineering background, this can sometimes make me quite fanatic about my research and methods. Occasionally I do peer reviews for BSSA, GRL, GJI, PAGEO or Tectonophysics. I don't like and hence don't do anonymous reviews.

In case you need to contact me:

Email: ykamer@ethz.ch Address: NO FO61.1 Sonneggstrasse 5, Smoke Signal:
Phone: +41-(0)44-6338919   8092 Zürich, Switzerland  

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My mentors are Guy Ouillon and Didier Sornette ( my doktoratvater). Currently my research is mainly focused on fault reconstruction. The basic assumption is that earthquakes happen on faults and faults grow by accumulating earthquakes. If that is so, seismicity can be viewed as a mean to illuminate faults. By applying pattern recognition techniques, such as clustering and mixture modeling, we can reconstruct fault models which are based purely on seismic data. The goal is to develop data driven methods which are globally applicable. Later on we plan to use these reconstructed fault networks to develop physics based earthquake forecasting models.
As secondary topics I am also working on optimal encoding of large seismic catalogs with varying information quality and on methods for estimating the multifractal properties of such datasets

Fault reconstruction demo for Landers using Guy's 2008 method Simple Gaussian mixture with 7 kernels converging on the Landers data
Volume sweep of a Gaussian mixture showing probability densities in 3D Box counting over Landers to estimate the D0 dimension
Self orgianized criticality: a sandpile model with some realtime statistics    

IUGG 2012 Conference on Mathematical Geophysics
Edinburgh, 18-20 June
Fault Network Reconstruction in South California
Y. Kamer, G. Ouillon, D. Sornette, J. Woessner

Previous Research

While in KOERI/BU I was involved in the development of the Earthquake Loss Estimation Routine (ELER) under the NERIES project. The application consist of several modules which allow the user to carry out deterministic earthquake scenarios, simulate ground motion distributions (ShakeMap methodology) and estimate losses due to building damages (based on intensity and displacement).

EGU 2012 European Geosciences Union
Vienna, 22-27 April
Rapid Loss Estimation for the October 23, 2011 Van Earthquake
Y. Kamer, A.C. Zulfikar, M.B. Demircioglu, C. Tuzun, K. Sesetyan, M. Erdik
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"With the driest naiveté he takes this yard-measure, then, he applies to past, present, and future. With such rubbish has the brave fellow, with his motto, "nulla dies sine linea!" piled up mountains of books. Had I the courage of my friend, Heinrich Heine, I should call Mr. Jeremy a genius in the way of bourgeois stupidity."

11) Y. Kamer, E. Kissling, G. Ouillon, D. Sornette KaKiOS-16: A Probabilistic, Nonlinear, Absolute Location Catalog of the 1981-2011 Southern California Seismicity Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am., 2017 (PDF, Catalog website)

10) S. Hiemer, Y. Kamer Improved Seismicity Forecast with Spatially Varying Magnitude Distribution Seismol. Res. Lett.,2016 (PDF)

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6) Y. Kamer, S. Hiemer Comment on “Analysis of the b-values before and after the 23 October 2011 Mw 7.2 Van-Ercis, Turkey, Earthquake” Tectonophysics, 608: 1448-1451, 2013 (PDF)

5) Y. Kamer, G. Ouillon, D. Sornette Barycentric fixed-mass method for multifractal analysis Physical Review E, 88: 022922, 2013 (PDF)

4) Y. Kamer & S. Ikizoglu Effective accelerometer test beds for output enhancement of an inertial navigation system Measurement, 46-5: 1641-1649, 2013 (PDF)

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Reports and Technicalities:

  • C. Zulfikar, Y. Kamer, E. Vuran. M5.9 May 19, 2011 Kutahya- Simav Earthquake Reconnaissance Report, KOERI, 2011. (PDF)
  • D. Kalafat, C. Zulfikar, E. Vuran, Y. Kamer. M6 March 08, 2010 Elazig Earthquake Reconnaissance Report, KOERI, 2010. (PDF)
  • Y. Kamer, M. Demircioglu, M. Erdik, U. Hancilar, E. Harmandar, K. Sesetyan, C. Tuzun, C. Yenidogan, C. Zulfikar. ELER v3.0 User Manual. BOUN Dept. of Earthquake Eng, 2010. (PDF)
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